In today’s blog, we ask our clients why BPI is the technology partner they rely on to make IT easy. Let’s hear from leaders BPI has had the opportunity to help over four decades of delivering service excellence.

 Above and Beyond Technical Support

“Our IT tech is always very helpful and supportive. He always goes the extra mile to help me out when I have a question or problem! He never criticizes anyone in the office that does not understand computer language or have the skills of the computers that he has.” DH, 2020

 “He is great with following up with us to make sure the IT problems are resolved. He is always available and essay to get a hold of to help with IT problems.” VN, 2018

 “We were both having connectivity issues. I sent our concerns through the HelpDesk e-mail and it was resolved in a matter of minutes!” HP, 2020

 “This was a simple fix that I really shouldn’t have needed help with. The IT tech was polite and patient; he is never condescending.” ES, 2020

 “I was very impressed that BPI understood the urgency of a Request. Having ‘all hands on deck’ resulting in a quick and efficient response was definitely less stressful on the Office.” FO, 2016

 “Though the situation was not resolved due to the less-that-stellar-hotel-wireless, I was given priority status with our IT tech and we were texting continually during my conference, attempting to find a solution. Not only that, but she insisted that I call her after the conference, on her personal time, to address the issue further and attempt another ‘work around’ to get me online. When that didn’t resolve the issue either, she created an additional plan with Admin laptops to avoid this problem in the future with everyone. I was beyond impressed with Elida’s commitment to helping me resolve the issue. Thank you so much!” AD, 2018

 “I am truly amazed at the response I received from this experience! Our previous IT person would never have gone above and beyond the way that our new IT person did for me! I’m thrilled.” TL, 2016

 “Super Quick Service!” KR, 2020

 “Not sure what the deal was with the wi-fi but I appreciate your calm demeanor while I was frustrated!” JW, 2020

 “Thanks for the great service, attention to detail, kindness and follow up! Great to know that our tech department is patient, informed, kind and helpful!” LH, 2017

 “OMG we are so fortunate to have such an amazing tech department to support us! Wow, he came over within the hour provided a new microphone (which I use every day, all day) and verified the other was functioning! I cannot say enough great things about your entire tech department!!” LE, 2018

 “Our IT guy did as much as he could, ultimately it was Comcast’s fault. But, I like that he took the time to try several possible solutions first.” FS, 2019

 “I have stated time and again that one of the best moves we ever made was to hire BPI. Our IT person is always there to assist me and is able to resolve the issue on the spot when I call. He goes above and beyond to resolve any tech issues I have ever had and does so within the hour of the call. He is an absolutely amazing person with a sound working knowledge of the issue that might befall the staff. It is so wonderful to know he is always there to assist us when technical road blocks pop up.” LES, 2016

 “Tech work was impeccable, especially installation of the software licenses upon receipt.”  CW, 2015

 “The question of Focus cannot be answered – the problem was in the program not in the ability of the technician to correct. Our IT tech was extremely helpful and tried several things to rectify the problem. Even though it could not be fixed – she gave me an alternative solution to the problem. She was very patient and helpful.” KEC, 2018

 CIO Service Leadership

“Thank you very much. Your presentations are always very clearly stated and professionally delivered. The compliments you receive at our Board meetings are well-deserved.” WB, 2017

 Following a technology audit, BPI “deleted 2 phone lines apparently not being utilized for a savings of $186/month, adding $2,232 to the annual budget, plus a fax line for savings of $93/month, $1116 for the year.” RA, 2017

 Managing IT Changes Effectively

“The changeover was handled quickly and with minimal disruption to my work. The few problems that arose were dealt with quickly. No complaints!” SC, 2020

 “Our system administrator suggested this improvement be made. He took care of making sure all necessary supplies were ordered and completed this project to improve the internet connection. Thanks for making the upgrade! This should be a great improvement for everyone!” SL, 2018

 “Our service tech is working very hard to keep the IT department moving forward.” KD, 2017

 “Our IT person did a fine job replacing our old fax and setting up our new fax. In fact, he went above and beyond what was expected by programming it, making sure everything worked, and checked both incoming and outgoing fax capabilities. Extremely satisfied!! Thank you!!” HW, 2020

 “For the past two years the BPI team have assisted toward successfully implementing a computer lab for training for our new staff. I.T.’s involvement toward trouble shooting and planning has greatly affected the success in this program. I have really appreciated how much they have helped with this. Their hard work is greatly appreciated. Thank you.” RS, 2018


“In our experience as a company, we have been repeatedly frustrated with technicians (from other companies) who provide an immediate date of service and then call and reschedule (sometimes repeatedly) because they can’t budget their time appropriately. It was super refreshing to have our cable engineer return our call immediately and inform us that he was pretty solidly booked for 10 days. I told him it was no problem, our service needs were not immediate and I would could get back in touch at the end of that period. He followed up a couple of days earlier than my expectation and was able to provide us his service before the holiday. Thanks so much to our engineer for his honest approach to scheduling and for understanding what true customer service is about.” RR, 2015

 “I want to give huge kudos to our IT team during these trying times. They have and always go above and beyond their duties. They are always available when I’ve needed assistance and respond immediately.” SC, 2021

 “Our network tech did a fantastic job helping me remotely to regain use of my laptop. He double checked to make sure that everything was working before letting me go. He is my Hero!” MG, 2020

  IT Vendor Management

“I spent over 10 days with the vendor setting up a new account without success. The vendor had one snafu after another but one call to BPI we were up and running the next day.” LP, 2019

 “Thank you for checking on this for us! This was a vendor we don’t use very often and their format in which they sent their invoice was strange. Thanks again.” GS, 2019

 “Our tech did a great job to help resolve a software problem I was having with the ERP Software. He was very professional and timely, especially since I had a deadline to complete my Accounts Payable Report. I was extremely satisfied in his ability to communicate with both me and the developer’s Help Line Technician. I was able to meet my deadline and made aware of how to handle any future issues when I get this particular message in the future. Thank you!”  OR, 2018

 “Our IT person did a wonderful job setting us up for the Webinar! He pre-tested to make sure that when the Webinar started that everything was in working order. He took the time to explain where everything was on the laptop and speakers since this was my first Webinar. He also stayed for a bit once it did start to make sure that all the equipment worked allowing us to successfully participate in the Webinar. Once we were done he returned to completely pack up all the equipment and returned our conference room back to how it was prior to the Webinar. He did a fine service for us and we appreciated it!!” ID, 2020

 “For some reason, I had been challenged in joining a recent Zoom Department Head Staff Meeting. Our IT tech’s availability shortly before the meeting was appreciated.” WG, 2020


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