Businesses are deploying new technology to better serve their customers and manage their business more efficiently. However, different kinds of technologies come with different risks, and might require alternative strategies to protect them.

Building a culture where employees understand cybersecurity risks is an important aspect of resiliency for a growing business.

Check these “Quick Wins” for simple ways to start protecting your business from cyber risks.

  • Keep software current: Having the latest security software, web browser, and patched operating system defends against viruses, malware, and other cyber threats.
  • Automate updates: Many software programs will automatically connect and update to defend against known risks. Ensure your devices enable automatic updates.
  • Use strong authentication:  Protect access to accounts and ensure only those with permission can access them. This includes enforcing strong passphrases and MultiFactor Authentication.
  • Back-up data: Put a system in place – either in the cloud or via separate hard drive storage – that makes redundant electronic copies of the key information on a regular basis.
  • Limit access: Only the employees whose core duties require accessing data or systems should be able to.
  • Keep a clean machine: Your company should have clear rules for what employees can (and cannot!) install or store on work computers, as well as an acceptable use policy governing safe use.
  • When in doubt, throw it out: Employees should know not to open suspicious links in email, tweets, posts, online ads, messages, or attachments – even if they know the source. Employees should also be instructed about your company’s spam filters and how to use them to prevent unwanted, harmful email.
  • Stay vigilant; speak up: Encourage employees to keep an eye out and say something if they notice anything strange on their computer.

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