BPI’s virtual CIO services offer experienced, knowledgeable IT leadership for executive teams struggling with the complex risk management, governance and compliance issues caused by the pandemic.

We’ve solved pandemic challenges such as:

  • Insufficient virtual private network (VPN) for staff working from home to access corporate email and data.
  • Lack of secure, standardized, centrally managed company equipment for employees to use at home. Allowing users to conduct business from unprotected home computers they may share with their children and other family members introduces risk to the whole corporate network.
  • Nonsecure remote access methods that expose corporate data.
  • Outdated policies and procedures outlining how to protect emails, discs, and other storage devices, whether at rest or in transit through encryption.
  • Inadequate or nonexistent security awareness training on social engineering, especially phishing emails embedded with links or attachments containing malware, viruses or other ways hackers can access their company networks.
  • Holding teleconference calls and virtual meetings without passcodes.
  • Employees logging in to corporate information systems while on nonsecure connections.

Keeping corporate data secure, training staff, and implementing safeguards to remote access are critical risk management strategies.

Long-term plans for data protection, business continuity, and remote work requirements for employees under current and future circumstances further improve your organization’s resiliency.

 Get started today with these teleworking security tips:

  • Establish teleworking policies and train staff on new policies and technologies.
  • Protect your home network from eavesdropping.
  • If your organization has a VPN, always use it on your telework device. If not, ask us how 248-357-3980
  • If you are using your own computer or mobile device for telework, enable its security features.
  • Update and patch your computers and mobile devices. Enable the option to check and install updates automatically.
  • If you are seeing unusual or suspicious activity on your computer, mobile device, or home network, report it to your organization’s help desk or security operations center.

The upside to today’s unprecedented work upheaval? The C-suite can use this opportunity to re-evaluate risk management policies and procedures for a remote workforce.

Call us today to gain peace of mind through intelligent business continuity planning and cyber risk management. 248-357-3980