Network Monitoring

Unleash the Power of Network Monitoring

Question: Is your network being monitored by a dedicated person or team? Are they able to proactively monitor, patch and perform maintenance on all the computing devices, systems and software applications? Are they able to ensure that your network is always running at optimal levels? Would you like it to be?

The better question might be, what happens if your network goes down? Good monitoring practices enable BPI to proactively identify issues, resolve them faster, and be more effective. Better monitoring also plays a key role in early warning of fundamental problems and security risks. The cost of proactively managing your network and maintaining productivity combined with the peace of mind is always more cost effective than reactively fixing issues after they become fires.

Benefits of BPI Network Monitoring

  • 24/7 network monitoring and support, including network topology
  • Improved network security, efficiency and operations
  • Improved data security, including a Security Operation Center offering 24/7/365 prevention, detection, analyzation and response to cyber incidents
  • Reduction in downtime and interruptions in business
  • Software updates and patches are addressed in appropriate timeframes
  • Lower IT costs (maintenance during normal business hours costs less than fixing fires on a holiday or off-hours)

Unleash the power of IT at predictable cost.

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