Network Assessment

Unleash the Power of Network Assessments

A team is only as strong as their weakest player. If that team has one or more members that are rookie-level in their experience, they can’t expect the same outcome as a team full of hardworking, veteran players. The same is true for your network and IT team.

Do you know where the weaknesses are in your network?

Does your IT team have the time or experience to identify and fix those weaknesses?

Can you afford to take them off core business building projects, even though running a network assessment will help productivity and security of the network?

Running network assessments is a critical task, but for many IT teams it is delayed by more pressing issues, let BPI cover that task. Running an audit on your network will uncover risks or anomalies that are out of compliance. Identifying things like your risk score, asset summaries, vulnerability, user access security and domain name system security to critical to keep your network running at optimal levels.

Once any potential weaknesses are identified, a plan is implemented to correct the vulnerabilities, making your network stronger and more efficient than ever.


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