Unleash the Power of Managed IT Services

The world of IT is constantly changing. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage and maintain in-house systems, while staying up to date on backup & recovery needs, cybersecurity and needed additions and improvements to what is already in place. The added pressures often put significant strains on existing in-house IT staff. Managed services through BPI gives you the power to focus your IT staff on core business while BPI handles the computing workload.
Today, the modern Help Desk intersects at traditional IT, HR, Security & Compliance. BPI offers customized onsite or 24/7/365 offsite Help Desk support with industry specific customization to meet your needs.
All organizations that are growing eventually need a Chief Information Officer (CIO), but often the need for a decision maker in the position does not line up with the required budget, candidate availability or workload. The vCIO service from BPI sets strategic goals and manages those goals through the capital improvement process. This allows clients to build for a solid future by setting goals, long-term needs and budgets proactively.
The Quarterly Technology Review (QTR) provides constant feedback from our customers that aligns and centers our SMART goals via the review process. IT Steering Committee, the C-Suite and regular end users are invited to use the QTR process to improve and tune technology in real time for constant incremental improvement.
24/7/365 efficient real time monitoring for network devices, servers, websites, applications or systems. BPI has the on-call staff with the ability to respond and remediate in real time.
Protecting your network, devices and data from unauthorized access or use requires a layered approach of investigating, monitoring, analyzing & action. PII, PHI, HIPAA, FERPA, SOX & PCI requirements require the real time auditing & remediation against the compliance requirements you face. BPI will help you navigate and meet security & compliance against an ever evolving over the horizon threat.
Moves, additions and changes; getting a handle on the onboarding and offboarding of users is a full-time job. BPI helps integrate the HR task of bringing on a new employee from procurement of notebooks, desktops & tablets to proper environmental disposal and accounting of those assets when they meet the end of their useful life.

Unleash the power of IT at predictable cost.

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