Discover a single solution with advanced threat protection that identifies and blocks cybercriminals from accessing your company’s important business assets.

Between 90-98% of all cyberattacks start with phishing. And today, attacks are so sophisticated that even experts are finding it difficult to detect them.

It’s not enough to train your employees to look out for bad grammar or misspellings. Instead, what if you could accurately locate and prevent phishing attacks from happening altogether?

Whenever a new threat is detected anywhere in the world, Microsoft updates its network so that Microsoft 365 security is able to protect your company from both old and new forms of malware.

With Microsoft 365, you get protection from sophisticated external cyberthreats hidden in email attachments and links, as well as cutting-edge defense against phishing and spoofing attacks, ransomware, and other advanced malware attempts.

Learn how you can prevent costly cyberattacks with Microsoft 365.

Find the threat in advance

Microsoft 365 Security uses ATP Safe Links and ATP Safe Attachments to scan and perform advanced analysis of any links or attachments sent over email. This protects you from hidden threats you may not be able to see.

Enable antiphishing policies

Our solution uses machine learning models and impersonation detection to quickly identify any suspicious activities on email. This helps you protect against any potential attacks.

Protect company devices

Enable multifactor authentication to make it harder for hackers to access company information. Microsoft 365 also offers Windows Defender to protect files on Windows 10 devices from ransomware.


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