Staying home and staying calm is critical at this moment. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel – working from home has been popular with the IT crowd for years, and a lot of remote workers have learned to love it. Stay productive and learn how to enjoy working from home by trying out a few of these simple steps.

Design Your Space

  • Create a space dedicated for work only and with some privacy
  • Make sure your family members respect your work area as a place of business
  • Talk to your kids about your work laptop and equipment being off limits

Master Your Technology

  • Make sure you have the equipment you’ll need – computer, phone, mouse, chargers, monitors, anything you need to complete your work
  • Make sure you have the software and applications you’ll need – if you don’t know, ask your IT Department
  • Make sure your technology works from home – ask your IT Department if you need a secure connection, a security key for authorization, etc.
  • Make sure you have bandwidth. If your connection is choppy, try shutting down other programs to lighten the load, and talk to your kids about setting ground rules about when kids can’t be online during teleconferences

Manage Your Time

  • Don’t be tempted to start work the moment you get up. Use your regular commuting time to take a sunrise walk, prepare nutritious food for the day, read, write in a journal, meditate, exercise, play with kids or pets, and get ready in your own way
  • Treat your work at home days as if you were going to the office. Dress as if you are coming into work. Yes, that includes some form of pants
  • Take a lunch break – schedule a reminder on your calendar to help remember
  • Keep a regular work schedule and turn off your computer by a certain time each day
  • Put a recurrent reminder on your calendar to get up, stretch, walk around, etc.
  • Take breaks throughout the day – schedule a five minute reminder to reset and clear your mind

Take Care of Yourself

  • Even when you are working remote, it’s important to get in exercise. Please be sure to take time for your physical health. For those of you with a home treadmill or exercise bike, please continue to get your daily exercise in. If you don’t have access to home equipment, there are stretching and yoga exercises for you. There are plenty of videos you can find on the internet with ideas of home exercising fitting your taste and possibilities.
  • Move during the day – take calls standing, walking around house, etc.
  • Incorporate some ergonomic exercises into your workday. Examples include shoulder rolls, wrist rolls, hand stretches, neck stretches, hip stretches, hand grips (squeezing a stress ball or hand grip)
  • Look for free exercise apps such as 7-minute workout, Nike Training, Daily Yoga, Do Yoga With Me, and many more.
  • Maintain your sleep schedule – aim for 7 to 8 hours per night
  • Drink lots of water
  • Limit consumption of unhealthy foods (sugary snacks, processed foods). Frozen fruits and vegetables are convenient and offer a good alternative to fresh produce
  • Look for free deep breathing, meditation or mindfulness apps such as Headspace, Insight Timer, and many more

Stay Healthy

  • Disinfect your work surface, smartphone, mouse, pens, and high touch areas including door handles, countertops, faucets, etc. at least once each day
  • Keep at least six feet of distance around others as much as possible

Stay Connected

  • Use multiple channels to communicate with colleagues, conduct meetings, and have fun (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, phone, chat, email, etc.)
  • Full time remote work can feel isolating – schedule frequent informal check-ins with colleagues and use chats to have conversations with no agenda
  • Do what you can, and discuss anything you can’t. This is a new experience for many organizations and workers, and we’re all figuring this out together. Be upfront about what isn’t working, and what can realistically be accomplished from home
  • Reach out if you need help

We are always available, and continue to make ourselves accessible even during these circumstances. If you need any assistance, you can call us at (248) 357 – 3980. We would love to hear from you!