Working in shared spaces or with shared equipment makes cleaning your laptop more important than ever. As businesses transition to a new normal and workers adapt to the extraordinary circumstances, health safety practices held to the highest standard will help us keep each other safe. Sanitizing your laptop after potential exposure can help flatten the curve.

Step by Step Guide to Sanitize A Laptop

Supplies List:

Lint-free Microfiber cloth
70% Isopropyl alcohol
Distilled water
Spray bottle
Compressed air
Be sure to wear gloves


  1. Turn the laptop completely off and make sure the battery charger isn’t plugged in.
  2. Remove any external equipment attached to the computer such as USBs, external mice and keyboards, or SD cards.
  3. Use the can of compressed air on the laptop’s keyboard and small spaces to remove dust and debris from underneath the space.
  4. Apply the isopropyl alcohol onto the microfiber cloth and never apply liquid directly onto the device. Apple, Dell, and Microsoft recommend 70% isopropyl alcohol to wipe down the laptop. Distilled water is considered a substitute for the isopropyl alcohol for screen cleaning
    Caution! Don’t wipe down hard on the screen as they’re sensitive to pressure and will break if the cloth isn’t used gently.

More Pandemic Precautions

Want to do more to keep your office clean and your coworkers healthy? Here are just a few of the ways we’ve adapted to protect our clients and communities:

  • Created policies following the Center for Disease Control’s best practices on hygienic behavior for essential employees onsite
  • Implemented measures to reduce face-to-face contact with customers, vendors, and between employees
  • Re-organized our workflow and task management processes to reduce the potential for employees who are in the workplace to infect each other
  • Shifted to telecommuting when possible, flexible work locations onsite, and flexible working times to reduce exposure
  • Provided and secured information and communications technology infrastructure to support remote team and customer interactions

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