Fraud is on the rise. You can help prevent it.

The safety and security of your organization’s data and networks remains our highest priority. We work 24/7 to protect your business and inform you of security changes. As part of our commitment, it’s important to know that fraudsters are using these difficult times, and everyone’s focus on the pandemic holiday season, as an opportunity for increased schemes and criminal activity. Partner with us to protect your business’s information assets.

Beware of online shopping scams, which increase during the holiday season. Stay alert for any phone calls, emails, websites or pop-ups related to holiday offers. As you know, criminals use various methods to access your information and networks. Phishing emails claiming to have information about holiday offers or donation requests may have links to fake websites, and often you’ll be asked for sensitive personal information. Please know that sensitive information should never be requested via email, phone, or a text message. And for charitable giving, it may be best to donate directly to a charity’s official website.

Stay vigilant. You can help prevent theft and fraud with these simple steps:

Hover over and review any links in an email to confirm they are from legitimate sources before clicking on them or dialing any phone number contained in an email or pop-up alert. Remember, BPI will never request or send sensitive information via email or text message.

When answering calls, be cautious of disclosing any sensitive information.

Ensure your computer systems, online browsers, and mobile devices are updated with the latest versions of data protection software. Consider adding security alerts to notify you of any suspicious activity in your accounts or network traffic.

Use MultiFactor Authentication (MFA) which requires a unique security code or push notification each time you access your accounts. You can discuss this and other authentication methods by calling us at 248-357-3980.

Your security is our priority.