If your passwords have been exposed on the internet, thieves and robots may have access to your account. They may send email in your name, change personal information, lock you out, ransom the data, and other problems. Exposed passwords are at great risk of being used to take over other accounts. Stolen passwords open your organization’s front door to cyber attackers, bypassing your perimeter, network, and endpoint security systems and protocols.

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  • Change your passwords to something that works for you:
    • unique, complex passwords created using a password generator
    • long, memorable passphrases you can remember without writing down
  • Set up a password manager
  • Set up multifactor authentication with an app, biometric data, or hardware security key
  • Review your accounts and delete the ones you no longer use
  • Check every account regularly. If you notice suspicious activity, change your password immediately and notify the IT Department

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Password management, least privilege access control, and monitoring are just a few of the cybersecurity solutions that can ensure protection and peace of mind.

Cybersecurity awareness training based on the latest research and theories in organizational change can teach your team how to build and maintain a strong cybersecurity culture.

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