IT departments have been consumed with keeping Work from Home up and running this year, and patching performance has declined even at organizations that had strong SLAs pre-pandemic. Millions of computers and servers connected to the internet remain unpatched, exposing IT environments to dangerous bugs. Despite the challenges of remote work, patching is a solvable problem.

Over a year after Microsoft disclosed the BlueKeep vulnerability impacting the Windows RDP service, more than 245,000 Windows systems remain unpatched and vulnerable to attacks according to a recent report by SANS. And more than 100,000 Windows systems remain unpatched against the SMBGhost vulnerability in the Server Message Block v3 protocol disclosed in March 2020. Both vulnerabilities allow attackers to take over Windows systems remotely and are considered some of the most severe bugs disclosed in Windows in history.

However, despite their severity, there are still millions of internet-accessible systems that are vulnerable to remote takeovers, because overwhelmed administrators have failed to patch.

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