Why Do I Need a Detroit Managed Service Provider?

Why MSP Is Right for You

It’s been a tough time over the past three years. Many small to medium-sized companies had a financially difficult time thanks to the pandemic. Others found success using a managed service provider (MSP) for their IT needs. Many of those businesses without an MSP are searching for one now. 

To help, we have compiled a list of reasons why a company might benefit from a Detroit managed service provider. There are a lot of companies working in IT, and we hope this can help clarify your organization’s requirements and help you understand what to expect from an IT MSP.

1. Keep Up With New Technology

New technology brings new challenges to understand and overcome. Managing your systems can bring problems regardless if they are in the cloud or on-premise. Every business needs support it can rely on around the clock. This can be problematic when you don’t have the right expertise internally, even if your business has an in-house IT department. 

An MSP’s sole responsibility is to maintain customers’ technology, keeping it running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. MSPs will be able to solve your problems effectively, because they have created a team of the best IT professionals to do just that. 

2. Invest Your Money Elsewhere

Most MSPs offer flat monthly fees, allowing you to fit this expense into your budget. Due to economies of scale, an MSP can offer you the most competitive pricing on both hardware and software.

You could solve some of your issues by recruiting new team members, but you will need to decide if it’s worth the time and expense to hire and train them. It costs an average of more than $1,886 per employee for training, and it can be difficult to get qualified candidates due to an ongoing IT talent shortage. Choosing a managed service provider will help you save time and money, allowing you to invest both elsewhere.

3. Protect Your Data

Business owners often wonder how to restore all their systems and data in the event of a disaster. If you haven’t, you probably should. Do you know what you will need to get your business back up and running if a disaster becomes a reality?

Does your enterprise have your IT infrastructure on-premises? If it is, a disaster or a critical server failure would likely adversely affect your day-to-day business operations. The risk of losing data is a critical concern: It could negatively affect your business processes, overall growth and even reputation.

An MSP is invaluable in helping you create an efficient disaster recovery plan that ensures business continuity. As a Detroit managed service provider, we’re happy to help you create a plan. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that your business has planned for and will survive a disaster should one happen.

4. Trust Your Security

According to Norton Anti-Virus, in 2020, the FBI received more than 2,000 internet crime complaints per day. Essentially, cyber attacks are an unfortunate possibility for every organization. It’s one scenario you never want your business to experience. 

An MSP provides up-to-date security methods including network monitoring, software and backup plans for cybersecurity scenarios. Your risk of being attacked by cyber criminals or hit with malware and phishing attempts will be greatly reduced when you use an MSP to set up and monitor your systems with layers of security.

5. Have Confidence in Your Growth

Expect your IT needs to increase as your business grows.  If you don’t have a managed service provider, there’s a good chance your team will be overwhelmed and unable to keep up with your business needs. Untrained employees may have to be asked to step in and take on additional responsibilities and be frustrated with these new tasks while being distracted from their regular work. 

One benefit of managed services is that  it will allow employees to focus on their jobs while also enabling you to use tech to increase productivity and fill in critical gaps in security. As a qualified managed service partner, we can offer a flexible service model, allowing you to determine which level of service you require.

5. Save on Operational Costs

To maintain infrastructure and networks in-house can result in expensive overhead. Can you be sure that you’re investing in the right tools? Could you save by choosing cloud infrastructure instead? These are the kinds of questions a good managed service provider will help you answer.

The BPI team works with you and your company’s budget. We have the tools to set up your infrastructure in the cloud and the workforce to maintain it. So, why not lower your IT expenses, reduce operational costs and save on capital expenses? Interested in finding a Detroit managed service provider? Contact us to see how we can help you grow and thrive.

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