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Values and Inclusion

As a partner company of Blue Alliance IT, we have the benefit of a centralized and robust HR function including a culture team dedicated to inclusion, diversity, equity and belonging (IDEB). This offers us more IT careers and opportunities than a company our size might have access to otherwise. Here’s how Blue Alliance IT is bringing an IDEB mission to life for BPI, following established guiding principles to ensure measurement, accountability and tangible actions:

Recruiting and Hiring

Our recruiting and hiring practices are audited regularly to ensure we follow best practices for reaching a diverse talent pool through our recruiting efforts.


Performance reviews reinforce accountability of our leaders for fostering diversity in meaningful ways.

Policies and Benefits

HR policies and benefits include language to ensure we can uphold our commitment to IDEB and inclusive business practices.

Career Development

Career development plans are in place to support employee growth and foster equitable opportunities for advancement.


An immersive, IDEB leadership training series is available for all CEOs and functional leaders.

Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are available for employees who want to get involved and actively share resources, plan events and foster connections around topics or employee populations.


Three of five partner companies within Blue Alliance IT are led by women CEOs.


On the Blue Alliance IT leadership team – HR, finance and communications, as well as our CIO – are all women.

There’s always room to grow, but with Blue Alliance IT, BPI Information Systems is well-positioned to help reinforce the systemic changes needed to create a more equitable and inclusive business landscape in and around Detroit.

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