Backup & Recovery

Unleash the Power of Backup & Recovery

The world is becoming increasingly focused on digital commerce, communication and convenience. While this focus is accelerating how, where and when we do business with ease, the digital marketplace has its own complications. The modern cyber arena requires monitoring and protection against ransomware, cyberattacks, phishing and more. Watching for these types of attacks on top of power outages, weather-related issues or system failures is a full-time job and when these disasters strike, being able to rapidly restore the most current version of data is the difference between “business as usual” and “going out of business”.

Not all disasters are avoidable but minimizing loss of data and interruption are.

BPI is committed to near zero downtime. That commitment requires proper planning and backup, before the failure occurs. Keeping current backups minimizes data loss if a restore is required. The ability to download your data quickly is also critical, diminishing downtime if restarting is necessary. Having BPI’s streamlined practices in place gives you the peace of mind knowing that your organization is ready for whatever disaster may strike.


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