Securing your IT environment and bringing in the right tools to ensure that it’s being protected safeguards your business, not just technology.

Start 2021 with these top tips.

1 Enable MultiFactor Authentication on your accounts.

2 Start a user security awareness training program.

3 Protect your business with proper cyber insurance coverage.

4 Update your network topology map. Accurate maps have always been a top priority. The ancient Romans had the Itinerarium. 17th Century European sailors had the Mercator Projection. Your grandparents had MapQuest. This timeless need is still relevant with your network structure.

5 Monitor access to email, including impossible logins, to detect anomalous behavior.

6 Set activity alerts on sensitive accounts.

7 Get a power-efficient power strip with a good quality surge protector for your hardware.

8 Deep clean your desk and dust off your tech.

9 Shut it down for the holiday weekend. If you usually just close your laptop at the end of the day, power it off. Restarting allows your pc to complete updates and apply patches.

10 Prioritize your time. Technological advances in prevention and detection tools can help organizations stay safe using less labor, and the power of machine learning & AI can uncover hidden risks that would be impossible to find for mere humans.

11 Don’t take on too much too soon. Make sure training is available so users can leverage technological capabilities.

12 Keep up on your reading. Through 2020 we learned that no security solution is “one-size-fits-all,” nor are any of them ever-lasting, nor eternal, and so we must constantly reassess and evolve our defenses.

13 At BPI the best ideas over this year came from interactions between different teams. Sharing is caring, and while it might sound cheesy, our team has experienced the power of collaboration firsthand.

14 As a member of a MSP Information Sharing organization, we also band together with several MSPs and security firms to bring greater security measures and protections to all of our collective clients and partners. We read, learn, and share our knowledge in an effort to never stop progressing.

15 Set goals. Short term budgeting and forecasting as well as long term capital improvement planning can steer your IT systems towards your business goals.

16 Manage users and accounts to reduce the complexity of securing devices and endpoints.

17 Prepare an incident response plan.

18 Continuously monitor for suspicious activity.

19 Safeguard your data and documents based on how sensitive and critical it is to your business.

20 Test your disaster recovery plan, including a test restore of your backups.

21 Uncover hidden risks by performing a cyber risk assessment. Select security solutions based on assessments of your risk.

In 2021, cybersecurity is no longer optional. No matter your industry or size, sooner or later, you could be targeted by hackers. Cybercriminals don’t discriminate when it comes to exploiting vulnerabilities and gaps. Let’s talk (248) 357 – 3980