Data Protection: Preparing for the Worst

Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

BPI Information Systems plans, installs, and tests disaster recovery solutions for local governments, healthcare systems, and small to mid-sized businesses. We understand the regulations regarding data retention, medical and educational privacy, and the importance of safeguarding business information.

The right plan for your organization might be as simple as regularly making a copy of your file server content to store off-site. Or, it might be as complex as replicating your servers, virtual machines, applications, and data at a hot site within your company, ready to be used right away.

BPI will do the proper planning to ensure that a disaster in your enterprise will be manageable. We help you return to your normal operations in the shortest time possible. 

Comprehensive backup and disaster recovery management from BPI Information Systems includes:

  • Automation to assure that your data is reliably backed up
  • Remote monitoring to verify that backups are functioning properly
  • Restoration of workstations and servers from bare metal in a timely manner
  • Firewall management and intrusion prevention, with documentation
  • Managed virus and malware protection
  • Workstation, server, and RAID recovery services

Contact BPI today to learn more about our approach to disaster recovery planning.